I was doing this a few months ago to help pay for medical bills (and groceries) and then I fell out of my wheelchair, broke a bunch of stuff, and now I have more medical bills (and still would like groceries)

Who am I?: I am a heredity witch, I’ve been studying my craft since childhood and tarot is my preferred tool of divination.

How does this work?: Send me a question or situation you want more info about and I’ll pick a spread for you, or pick a spread you want done (listed below) You can contact me here or email me at christyleighstewart@gmail.com 

I will record your reading, upload it on Google docs and send you a private link. If that doesn’t work for you, other arrangements can be made.

Please give me 24 hours to respond.

Depending on what you feel the reading is worth send me a gift donation through paypal to me at christyleighstewart@gmail.com

I do take my tarot very seriously so despite what heartstrings my story might pluck I insist you donate only what you think the reading deserves.

The spreads:

1. Yes or No spread

This is a three card spread and although it could easily give you a yes or no answer it also provides what the cards considered to be valuable information. This spread takes about 5 min.

2. Celtic Cross spread

A ten card spread that gives you an overview and guide through situations.

This spread is great if you have a situation you want information on and can’t think of a specific question. An example would be “I’m thinking about coming out to my family” it will give you insight into many of the aspects working with and against you at this time.

Often, this is the first spread people choose and once given some clarity through the reading they then decide to ask more specific questions.

This spread tends to take 20 min. not including follow-up questions.

3. A general question spread

Depending on the question or the direction the cards point me toward this can be anywhere from three cards on a up.

Sometimes there are issues the cards want you to address which will necessitate another spread. If this is the case, I will talk to you about how you want to go to about it.

This spread can take anywhere from 10 min. to an hour.

Also: Don’t have any question per se? Check out some of these spreads I think you’ll like

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There’s a pretty great hashtag about how great Wonder Woman is over on Twitter. The conversation hasn’t ended yet (and you should join in!), but we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite tweets so far. Just… don’t look at me while you’re reading them. I might be tearing up over here.

#WhyWonderWoman Gives Our Favorite Amazon the Appreciation That DC Won’t | The Mary Sue



ya girl frankcastles is getting rid of some excess marvel merch by way of an awesome giveaway this month. i need to clear up some space, and i want to hand these things over to someone who will love them! i’m affectionately referring to this giveaway as the be a kid again giveaway. i’ve got the hook up, with all the fun super-hero and avengers themed stuff to make you feel like a kid again. action figures, toys, tattoos, coloring books. you name it. this contest ends on october 20th

here’s the low down on the goods
- seven super hero coloring/activity books (some of these come with colored pencils, one comes with paint, one comes with a mask you can poke out.)
- one thor temporary tattoo set
- one avengers temporary tattoo set
- one iron man 2 temporary tattoo set
- three (different) mini avengers puzzles
- two (different) avengers loki action figures
- one avengers hawkeye action figure
- one iron man mask clip
- four (different) wall decals (two spider-man, one captain america, one thor)
- five mystery items! (hint: two go along with the coloring books, and one of the items you can wear!)

here’s what u have to do to enter the giveaway
- reblog the post! and please leave all the text attached
- please have an open askbox, or open it on/around oct 20th so i can contact you
- please be willing to give me an address that i’ll be able to ship the goods to
- there’s no location restrictions, this contest is open to everyone!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: DO NOT FOLLOW ME UNLESS YOU WANT TO. please don’t feel obligated to follow me in any way.all posts regarding giveaways and winners will be under the FRANKCASTLES GIVES SOME SHIT tag, so maybe track that instead if you want to stay up to date! 

the winner of this giveaway will be announced on OCT 20TH



Obit of the Day: Tiquicheo’s Fearless Mayor

Maria Santos Gorrostieta became mayor of the town of Tiquicheo in 2009, when she was only 33 years old. She recognized the risks as her town was located in the state of Michoacan one of the many battlegrounds in Mexico where cartels, police, and the government are fighting for control.Michoacan is also prized for its access to the Pacific where cocaine from South America and synthetic chemicals from Asia are brought into the country.

While she only served for two years, during that time she was the target of two assassination attempts. The first, in October 2009, she was the subject of the ambush. She survived but her husband was killed. In January 2011, she escaped another attempt but this time she was shot numerous times. After the second attempt she held a press conference showing her wounds and talking about her injuries.

After her term ended last year it seemed all would be over but on November 12, 2012, Ms. Gorrostieta was taken from her car, while her five-year-old daughter sat there, and was beaten in public. While she pleaded that her daughter not be harmed she was dragged away into another car. (Her daughter was left alone, screaming in her mother’s car.) On Saturday, November 24, Maria Santo Gorrostieta’s body was discovered. She had been handcuffed, beaten, tortured and killed.

She was 36 years old. She leaves behind three children.

Note: According to the BBC, two dozen Mexican mayor have been murdered since 2006.

Sources: The Daily Telegraph, The Huffington Post

(Top image: Facebook photo of Maria Santos Gorrostieta, courtesy of idigitaltimes.com. Bottom image: Maria Santos Gorrostieta showing her wounds from her second assassination attempt is courtesy of arklatex912project.wordpress.com)